Ready for an experience like no other? Our signature trampoline classes incorporate great music while burning lots of calories, building muscle and endurance and bringing a lot of fun to your workout! Each class consisting of 1 hour of heart pumping cardio, balance and strength training. Our classes are capped at 10 people so everyone can get the individual attention they need. We offer multiple levels; bounce 1,2, and 3. Classes are a first-come, first-serve basis and prior booking is required. Please arrive 10 minutes early to check- in and find your trampoline.

Want to get in the best shape of your life? Further customize your workout and work with one of our trainers. Personal training sessions can be booked with the personal trainer of your choice through the website or by phone.



Total Body Fire:

Total body combines cardio and weight training. This class is recommended for clients with a little more confidence and comfort in their abilities. Along with cardio, weights will be incorporated to really activate those muscles throughout your body. Combining stabilization, weight training, and cardio will increase muscle endurance to the max.

*this is a bounce 2 level class

Bounce and Burn:

This class focuses on cardio and body weight training, with an emphasis on abs and legs. This class is acceptable for all skill levels. You are sure to sweat while building stamina and muscle. Strengthen your core and feel the burn in those legs

*this class offers 2 levels; bounce 1 and bounce 2

The Incinerator:

This is a HIIT class that incorporates the trampoline. This high intesity circuit class is sure to get the heart pumping.

*this is a bounce 3 level class

Restore and Ignite

This class focuses on low-impact restorative training. Restore is ideal for clients that are just starting out, recovering from injuries, or have some physical limitations to traditional exercise programs. Rebounding provides all the health benefits of exercise with minimal stress on joints and muscles. This class along with all other classes offered helps to improve cardiovascular function, stabilization, and overall health.

*this class offers 2 levels; bounce 1 and bounce 2

Rave and Blaze

Start the weekend off right. This upbeat, fun, and challenging class will have you sweating and ready to dance the night away. Rave combines, dance music, moves, and lights! Get your weekend cardio in combined with fluid arm movements to really get your blood pumping.



This is a mix of all of our classes combined into one. A full body one hour, cardio blasting, muscle pumping experience.

*this is a bounce 2 level class

Hip Hop Inferno:



30 Minute Express Lab Classes


Ab Lab:

Come in for a 30-minute intense ab workout. All exercises in this class will focus on targeting the core. Your core is like the powerhouse. A strong core can improve posture, stabilization, and help with back pain.

Glute Lab:

Come in for a 30-minute intense glute workout. All exercises are focused on building the booty. Weak glute muscles can create imbalances throughout the body. Having strong glutes can help improve your lower body as well as build strength in compound movements.

Personal Training


30 Minute 1 on 1 Customized Training Session

1 Hour 1 on 1 Customized Training Session

Customized Nutritional Program

Posing Classes (available by appointment)